Software Resume


Operating Systems

  • Proficient in Windows 95-Vista, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris
  • Basic Administration for Windows Server 2003, Linux (standard distributions Gentoo, RedHat, etc.)

Programming/Computer Skills

  • Proficient in C#, SQL (T-SQL), Regular Expressions, XML, HTML, CSS, XHTML, XSLT, SSIS
  • Experienced in PHP, Java, C, PERL, Javascript, CLISP, Scheme (R5RS), Shell Scripting
  • Knowledgeable in ASP, JSP, Microsoft Office Macro Scripting, Cold Fusion, Flash Scripting, ProClarity, SSRS, LaTeX
  • Areas of Knowledge: Human centered design, Information Management, Systems Analysis


  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, Solid Works, All Versions of Microsoft Office Software, SQL Server Management Service, Visual Studio, XMLSpy, TextMate, Homesite (Dreamweaver)


Senior Software Developer – 08/2008 – Current

Wizards of the Coast, LLC, Renton, WA

At Wizards I worked on Magic Online as a server developer (C#) and a SQL developer (T-SQL). When I started working at Magic Online they had recently released a completely new version of their game including the back end servers. The system was designed poorly and needed a lot of work to scale and perform. I tuned and rewrote stored procedures in concert with schema changes to double the concurrent user capacity. In addition to this, I designed and rewrote sections of the .NET based servers to make the system more performant and handle additional load. Whilst doing all of this, I also added features to the servers. Most projects I worked on, I was the designer and development lead.

Solutions Developer – 09/2005 – 08/2008

Avanade, Inc., Seattle, WA

While at Avanade, I was almost entirely staffed on engagements at a large Redmond based software company. While a majority of my work there involved T-SQL development in SQL 2005 (stored procedures, query tuning, indexing, etc.) on very large databases, I also developed using other technologies. These technologies included XML, XSLT, C#, and Office Ribbon development. In addition, I was in charge of writing technical specifications on the more recent projects on which I was staffed. Finally, I was on a project for a Tempe, AZ based network consultancy firm helping to develop a business intelligence (BI) solution using ProClarity and the Microsoft related BI stack.

Software & Web Developer – 06/2002-09/2005

Univ. of Washington Atmospheric Sciences, Seattle, WA

While working under Dr. Sandra Yuter of the Atmospheric Sciences department my job consisted of several different types of tasks. My primary function was to develop an application in Java to display Universal Format (UF) radar files in a graphical manner. This software was developed independently and was under alpha development, though it is in use by members of the department. I developed web software that aggregated radar reflectivity data and displayed it in easy to understand graphs, linking it to radar graphic loops. I created several other websites that performed various tasks and was responsible for creating instructional manuals for both software I had created and existing work processes. Finally, I was responsible for large scale weather data processing and conversion primarily in Solaris and Linux environments.

Web Applications Developer – 11/2003-04/2004

Univ. of Washington Educational Partnerships and Learning Technologies (EPLT), Seattle, WA

The work I completed for the EPLT was on a project called MyK20, an Internet 2 collaboration site. The task required taking over the existing project that two previous developers had left. The site was developed in PHP, MySQL, and styled (partially) in CSS. The work consisted of repairing broken features, fixing security issues, cleaning up code, MySQL tables, and SQL queries, and adding a great deal more functionality to the site. For example, I integrated features of the PHP forum system into the website to create seamless use between the site and the forums.

Database/Server/Web Page Manager – 09/2001 – 12/2001

Blue Tiger, Bellevue, WA

While at Blue Tiger, my main responsibility was to test cell phone interface software for AT&T Wireless. My responsibilities evolved because I took some initiative to improve the data collection process. While continuing my testing, I also setup and managed Windows 2000 IIS server with MySQL, created a web based trouble ticket console for testing data collection (front-end and back-end), and created the corporate web site and administration console (PHP/MySQL).

Web Designer and Developer – 03/2001 – 09/2001

Auto Advisor, Seattle, WA

Designed and developed (PHP3/4) multiple web sites and updated/maintained existing web sites working with a design team. Also, provided computer software and hardware technical support (in office).


University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Bachelor of Science in Informatics

Overall GPA: 3.44
Major GPA: 3.74

Coursework Includes study of information systems and technology with a human-centered approach: Individual Perspectives on Information Systems, Information Needs, Searching, and Presentation, Database Management and Information Retrieval, Information Systems Analysis and Management.