Work Weekend 2 Summary

So, last Saturday we had our 2nd official work weekend. I finally got some pictures to post up (taken by Nick).

The Face The Roof, The Roof...

Engine Close-up The Whole Engine Bay

  • Removed AC compressor and AC lines
  • Removed wind visor from roof
  • Stripped trunk, hammered out rusted panel, cleaned rust, primered
  • Installed the intake heatshield and external scoop that was sitting in the trunk
  • Removed some the loose wire from old stereo system
  • Diagnosed that the idle control valve (ICV) was, in fact, broken (we ordered a new one and Nick installed it early this week, it idles now!)

We have another work day tomorrow. We’re going to start stripping the interior and the cars weight down. We’ll also be working on ideas for the suspension and getting the engine to run a bit smoother.