Team Oly Express

Here is a long overdue but quick update. I joined another 24 hours of LeMons team (Team Oly Express). I was able to work on the car a grand total of 4 weekends if you don’t count the last day scramble. The team worked their asses of to get the car ready for Sears Pointless at Infineon Raceway last month. The car of choice, a 1964 Plymouth Barracuda, not only made it through the race, but placed 44th overall out of 171 cars, 3rd out of 22 in class C, and, most importantly, won the Index of Effluency!

I have one video posted of a short stint on YouTube, but will have more images and video to come as I get time.

The car took a couple hits, none when I was in the car. Though I did get a black flag when a guy forced me off the track (to avoid collision).

If you want to follow the team’s progress, the best thing you can do is follow Team Oly Express on facebook. That location will have the most up-to-date information. We’ll be racing in Shelton in July. I hoped to see you all there.