Tow Rig

For those of you not following my adventure across America the long way (FL to WA) on Facebook, I recently bought a tow rig in the form of a class B motorhome. It’s a 1996 Roadtrek 190 Versatile that I got for a bargain near Sarasota, FL. My great friend Nick Smith and I drove it back in a weekend using some hardcore driving techniques. Nevertheless, now I need to get van up to snuff.

Besides replacing the some fuses to get the carbon monoxide detectors, ABS, and a couple other miscellaneous components working, the first thing I tackled was polishing the headlights. I used a Mother’s Power Ball, Meguiars PlastX, and some painters tape to achieve the results below.

Both Headlights Unpolished Both Headlights Polished

It is not perfect, but it is an improvement and definitely helped with light brightness and clarity. Below is a close up of the driver side light (before and after).

Single Headlight Unpolished Single Headlight Polished

A few days after this, I replaced the windshield washer fluid pump after diagnosing the problem down to the pump. The sprayers are integrated into the wiper arms and spray as they move. I checked the fuse, hoses, nozzles, electrical connections, and finally that just left the pump. I replace it all works. I must say, the pump design on this fluid reservoir is crazy and I was only able to install it after some trickery and guesswork.

More fixes and posts to come as I check things off our to-do list and get ready for the SCCA San Diego National Tour at the end of March.